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Marketing and sales consulting services aim to provide businesses with specialized advice and assistance to enhance their sales and marketing strategies and achieve revenue goals. This involves analyzing existing marketing campaigns, improving lead generation and conversion rates, and developing effective sales strategies that align with the overall business objectives. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize sales and marketing efforts to drive revenue growth and achieve success in a competitive market.

Our Approach to Marketing & Sales Consultancy Services

We help clients to make sustainable enhancements to their sales strategies and customer interactions, thereby driving sales growth across all channels. Our sales transformation approach covers various aspects of the sales process, including the target audience, sales channels, and supporting back-office operations. In addition, we provide targeted assistance to address specific challenges related to go-to-market strategies, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other areas relevant to the client's business.

  • Our marketing and sales team comprises comprehensive experts who concentrate on three key building blocks: an outside-in attitude that prioritises clients, exceptional client experience, and core capabilities that ensure the best customer interactions at every touchpoint.
  • Customer executive connection is of utmost importance in every industry, and PICG focuses on achieving maximum client success and growth through customer loyalty and segmentation.
  • Our team of consultants possess expertise in pricing, promotions, and product and service bundling. We aim to penetrate the marketplace, strengthen existing customer relationships, and increase profitability while implementing management strategies to enhance the customer segment.

Why Choose PICG?

  • We adopt a collaborative approach to assist companies in gaining insight into the effectiveness of their route-to-market mix, enabling the identification of improvement areas and the development of concrete strategies to achieve them.
  • Our services enable companies to take a comprehensive view of their business by analysing factors such as geography, industry segment, and offerings. We can develop tailored strategies and approaches to capture these opportunities.
  • We provide innovative and hands-on programs, including performance dialogues, train-the-trainer capability building for sales representatives, which includes on-the-job learning.


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